About Pepper

PepperquiltPepper D. Basham is a native of the Blue Ridge Mountains, particularly in the area of Mt. Airy, North Carolina – Andy Griffith’s old stomping grounds. Ever since she was a little girl she would make up stories, and one day, years after her Granny bought her a hand-me-down typewriter, she started dreaming of publication.

A mom of five amazingly creative kiddos, and a speech-language pathologist by day, she enjoys delving into imaginary worlds at night after the house grows quiet. If you heard her iTunes playlist, you’d find a weird compilation of Disney, Jazz, Country, Pop, Classical, and Bluegrass.

346God couldn’t have blessed her with a more exciting journey than to enjoy being a mom, a therapist, and writer. Now the journey becomes a bit more interesting with her debut novel, A Twist of Faith, coming to bookstores in Spring 2015.

Pepper writes Blue Ridge Romance sprinkled with glimpses of her native Appalachian culture and the humor inherent in it. Her hope is that you will enjoy a lovely visit with folks and families of Mitchells Crossroads and long to come back for more.

You can contact Pepper at pepperbasham@yahoo.com


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