Charming the Troublemaker – Book 2

girlpixabayArriving November 1, 2017

Rainey Mitchell’s invested three years of hard work and five years of dreams on the development of the Tolliver Learning Center, but funding reallocations threaten its existence. To make things worse, she’s short a tutor for her high school program, her ex-husband decides to grow a sudden-conscience, and she has to deal with the irresponsible antics of her flirty and “citi-fied” coworker.

Alex Murdock’s demotion to a small university in rural Virginia slams his pride. Always the black sheep of his wealthy and distant family, the small-town authenticity of Ransom and the unconditional love of the Mitchells open his heart to the true meaning of faith and home, but he’s keeping his own secrets – ones that could risk his growing relationship with Rainey and the lives of people he loves.

The clash of cultures, personalities, and a dark family secret threatens to unravel their newfound relationship. Can they both learn to find the heroes inside to overcome their fears and embrace an unexpected future?

An Appalachian Twist to North and South.



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